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Who We Are

Founded by enthusiasts with a deep passion for exploration and connection, our team is dedicated to crafting retreats that bring together individuals with similar values. With a focus on freedom, travel, and flexibility, we aim to offer experiences that are both enriching and authentic, ensuring every journey with us is built on trust and shared discovery.

Narod Haroutunian

Narod has called 7 cities home, living as a digital nomad in places like Malta, New York, Athens, LA, Brussels, Germany, and Beirut. She works as a communications and public affairs consultant, mostly for non-profits. She’s not a morning person, but once up, she gets things done.

Aline Krioghlian

Aline has made her mark in marketing and hospitality across Europe and the Middle East, calling 5 countries home and visiting over 30. She speaks five languages and loves meeting new people. She approaches every task with creativity as long as she’s had her daily intake of avocado.

(Team Mascot)

Meet Theodore, affectionately known as Theo, our beloved team mascot who only flies business class. He has a keen sense of adventure and a love for luxury, always ready for the next journey with style and a wagging tail. He’s small, but his impact is big.

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